12 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Small Spaces

12 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Small Spaces

Do you find it challenging to decorate the small spaces or rooms in your home? Living in a compact living room doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or style. In fact, it can be an opportunity to get creative and maximize every inch of your home, and that’s where we come in.

We believe that every space, whether small or big, can be decorated in the most elegant yet minimalistic manner. First things first, don’t let the Pinterest ideas you saved for your living room go to waste. With just a few tips and tricks, they can be used effectively to make the most of your space.

Whether you're in a cozy apartment or a compact house, these 12 tips and tricks will help you make the most of your limited space.

1. Opt for Small Scale Living Room Chairs

When it comes to living room chairs for small spaces, bulky furniture can make the space feel cramped. Instead, choose armless chairs, stools, or benches. These pieces are not only elegant but also lightweight and easy to move around, giving your living room a versatile and airy feel.

2. Choose Multifunctional Bedroom Furniture

In the bedroom, go for small space bedroom furniture dressers that serves more than one purpose. Loft beds with desks underneath are perfect for maximizing vertical space, while headboards with built-in shelving offer additional storage without taking up extra room.

3. Buy Compact Living Room Sets

Consider downsizing your furniture with loveseats and apartment sofas for living room sets for small spaces. These smaller seating options can be just as comfortable as larger counterparts but are better suited for tight spaces. You can also add nesting coffee and side tables to easily expand or reduce your surface area as needed.

4. Measure Your Space Before Buying Furniture

Before making any large purchases, measure your space to ensure that the furniture will fit comfortably. Prioritize vertical storage solutions, such as tall bookshelves or cabinets, to make the most of the available height and space in your rooms.

5. Arrange Furniture Along Walls

Place furniture along the walls to open up the center of the room. You can utilize the floating shelves and wall-mounted TVs to keep the floor space clear. This will not only create a more expansive feel but also allows you to easily navigate in tight quarters.

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6. Invest in Multitasking Furniture for Living Spaces

Select pieces that will serve more than one purpose, such as ottomans with hidden storage, or a coffee table that can also be used as a desk. This way, you can not only enhance the functionality of your living space but also add a touch of versatility and efficiency to the space.

7. Use Patterns and Texture Instead of Color

When dealing with limited space, the choice of color becomes a crucial aspect. Subtle patterns on upholstery or textured fabrics can add depth and visual interest to your space without overwhelming it. This approach is the best if you want to create a sophisticated ambience.

8. Add Glass or Mirrored Elements

For a touch of glamor and the illusion of more space, add glass or mirrored elements into your room decor. Glass coffee tables, mirrored side tables, or even mirrored wall panels can reflect light and create an airy feel, making the room appear more expensive than it actually is. 

9. Pick an Eye-catching Statement Piece

Whether it's an artful accent chair, a uniquely designed lamp, or a vibrant area rug, a singular standout piece can become the focal point of the room. This approach draws attention away from the limited size of the space and instead showcases your great taste and style.

10. Bring the Outdoor Greenery Indoors

Nothing makes a small space feel more airy than some greenery. Add potted plants, succulents, or even a small indoor garden to add a touch of greenery. Not only does this enhance the visual appeal of the space, but it also creates a connection with nature, making your dawning room feel more inviting and alive.

11. Use Lightweight Curtains

To improve the overall aesthetic of your space, add lightweight curtains that allow natural light to come in while maintaining a sense of openness. Sheer fabrics and light-colored drapes will not only create a great ambiance but also contribute to the illusion of a larger, brighter dawning room.

12. Add a Gallery Wall

Select a collection of art, photographs, or even small mirrors to create an eclectic display. This will infuse personality into the room and emphasize the vertical space by making your drawing room feel more expensive.


Living in a small space doesn't mean compromising on style or functionality. By choosing the right furniture like armless chairs, stools, and much more, you can create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home for yourself. 

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What type of sofa is the best furniture for a small living room?

Opt for loveseats or apartment sofas, which are smaller in size but still offer comfort and style suitable for small living rooms.

Where can I find small-space bedroom furniture?

You can find a variety of small space bedroom furniture on our website.
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