What is 8-way hand-tied furniture, and its benefits

What is 8-way hand-tied furniture, and its benefits

"8-way hand-tied" refers to a traditional method of constructing the springs within upholstered furniture, particularly sofas and chairs. This technique is often associated with high-quality, durable furniture. Here's how it works: 

Coil Springs 

The process begins with the use of coil springs, which are individual springs made of tempered steel. These springs provide the foundational support for the furniture piece. 


Each coil spring is tied to the surrounding springs and the frame of the furniture by hand. This is typically done with twine or cord, hence the term "hand-tied." The ties are secured in eight different directions, hence the name "8-way."

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Quality and Durability 

This method ensures that the springs are securely attached to each other and to the frame of the furniture. This results in consistent support and helps prevent sagging or shifting over time. 

Even the Distribution of Weight 

By tying the springs in multiple directions, weight is distributed evenly across the seat of the furniture. This helps to prevent individual springs from bearing too much weight and potentially breaking or wearing out prematurely. 

Comfort and Resilience 

The even distribution of weight and the support provided by the coil springs contribute to the overall comfort of the furniture piece. Additionally, the resilience of the springs helps the furniture maintain its shape and support over many years of use. 


Creating a piece of furniture using the 8-way hand-tied method requires skilled craftsmanship. Each spring must be tied securely and precisely to ensure the integrity of the construction. 

High-end Furniture 

While this method of construction may add to the cost of the furniture, it is often seen as a mark of quality and craftsmanship. Furniture constructed using the 8-way hand-tied method is typically considered high-end and may last for generations with proper care. 

Alternative Methods 

While 8-way hand-tied construction is traditional and highly regarded, there are alternative methods of spring construction, such as sinuous springs or grid webbing. These methods may be less labor-intensive and less expensive, but they may not offer the same level of support and durability as hand-tied springs. 

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